Brooke A. Vacca - Image Styling
"When I first signed up for training sessions, my original goal was to lose about 10 pounds I'd gained from having a minor knee injury which prevented me from doing my usual workout.While I've considered myself someone who takes health and fitness seriously, I had gotten increasingly lazy and ignorant about my condition and needed a serious overhaul. Not only did Brooke provide the right guidance and instruction to achieve my goal, she increased my awareness for my health and fitness that will last a lifetime! Brooke has a positive attitude and serious work ethic that allowed me to thrive in my fitness education.  Brooke catered each routine just for me. She was consistently conscious of my preexisting knee condition while increasing the capacity of my workouts to levels I didn't know I could achieve! These workouts included strength training, body weight workouts, and balance and endurance training.  As the process evolved, Brooke taught me how to maneuver gym equipment confidently and eat properly via a personalized meal plan to supplement the physical change in my body. My goal went from a measly ten pounds to twenty! I'm indebted to Brooke for one of the best changes in my lifestyle! THANK YOU! You're the best!"  -Marcia Flores
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