Brooke A. Vacca - Image Styling
I bring my experience in Personal Training and Wardrobe Styling to anyone looking to improve their health and overall image. Whether it’s losing those few extra pounds or learning how to update your wardrobe, I can guide you in the right direction with a pace that fits your current lifestyle. I can help you look good, be fit, feel confident and strong all while giving you that extra edge with an updated wardrobe. This is a unique service that reaches out to people of all ages and professions!
Personal Training Packages:
Hectic, urban lifestyles can often make it difficult to take extra time to pay attention and take care of our bodies. This lack of attention can lead to alarming issues.
In the adult population, low back pain, poor posture, knee injuries, chronic disease and musculoskeletal injuries have all been a result from little or no physical activity during the day. These issues can affect people who work long hours sitting in front of a computer or who prefer to wind down at the end of the day in front of a television.
Personal Training forces you to make the commitment to get the exercise you need while achieving personal goals that will maximize your energy and make you feel confident, healthy and prevent injury.
My focus is to make the process challenging and fun for you to see the results of your work. I stress proper exercise form, body awareness, and the importance of fitness to your everyday life.
Wardrobe Styling Packages:
While it is vital to take care of yourself through exercise and healthy eating, it is just as important to properly complement your physical being with your public image. Your wardrobe speaks volumes about the way you live and the values you hold. If you’re ever in doubt, I can help! My experience on professional editorial and advertising campaigns has trained my eye to bring the best out of every individual. My resources can be used to prepare looks for day-to-day styles, photo shoots, and special occasions ranging from weddings to job interviews. I can teach you the tools you need to consistently show the most confident, positive image of yourself!
Image Styling Packages:
Look good on the inside and out while taking advantage of my fitness and fashion knowledge. This package specializes in both the services of one on one Personal Training and Personal Shopping/ Wardrobe Styling.
Various Packages Specializing in:
Business Travelers
Upcoming Vacations
Photo shoots
Interview/ Career
Special Occasion
Pageant preparation
And MORE!!
New York City, Queens, Brooklyn & vicinity
By appointment only
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