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Guidelines for Weight Loss and Training Packages
Have you ever wondered how much weight you can loose within a particular time frame or try to figure out how many training sessions are appropriate to reach your goal? Well look no further! Here are the general breakdowns for weight loss and training sessions.
Example: You want to loose 10-15 pounds
Recommendation: 2 sessions per week
4 weeks in a month = 8 sessions in 1 month
8 sessions a month x 3 months = 24 sessions total
Why: Basic guidelines are that you can loose 4 lbs in 1 month which breaks down to be 1 lb a week. If you do the math to loose 10-15 pounds at 4 pounds a month, 4 pounds x 3 months = 12 pounds.
These guidelines also depend on how much you workout on your own and what exercises you are performing during your workouts. You will see better results if you exercise 2-3 times a week beside the recommendation of sessions however if you have trouble keeping up with working out on your own aside from the training sessions then I would recommend 3-5 training sessions per week. The more sessions you have with a personal trainer the quicker you will loose weight and reach your goal. Other factors that affect weight loss are injuries or conditions, what you eat as well as the menstrual cycle for females.
Tip: Always weigh yourself first thing in the morning when you get up
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