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Body Types
Ever wonder what to wear for your body type or exercises that will improve it? Find out your answers below!
Rectangle (Straight or Ruler)
Fashion: Clothing that emphasizes the waistline, feminine clothing with details in lighter colors and textures to give the appearance of fullness. Most pants work for this body type.
Fitness: Cardio for weight loss (depending on what is chosen inclines are best),  primary focus on glutes and midsection secondary focus on chest and shoulders however working the entire body is important as well!
Apple (Also upside down triangle, athletic, broad shoulders or busty)
Fashion: Tops with deep necklines and that are simple. For bottoms wide leg pants as well as pleated or tiered skirts in bright colors or prints.
Fitness: Cardio for fat loss (perform on incline), primary focus is working the legs to balance shape with the top of your body. Low resistance with low reps.
Pear (Hips and backside) * Most common among females
Fashion: Tops that give the illusion of shoulders extending outward or that aren't too fitted. Boat neck or off the shoulders tops in brighter colors are the best. Bottoms that are darker in color will slim the appearance of your hips. Styles such as low rise, straight leg or flat front pants (without side pockets or drawstring) as well as A line skirts.
Fitness: Cardio that focuses on lower body, resistance exercises using light weights, high reps as well as incorporating various body weight exercises. Mainly you want to balance you top half with your lower half.  
Hourglass (Curvy)
Fashion: Fitted clothing that shows the waistline such as V necks. Solid colors or small prints work best. Low rise pants and pencil skirts will show off your figure.
Fitness: Equally focus on cardio (for weight loss) and resistance exercises for the entire body to keep the bodies balance. Light weights and switch up reps for muscle tone.
Round *More common among men
Fashion: Avoid clothing fitted to the waist, scooped necklines and v necks work best. Large patterns, single colors and vertical stripes give a slimming appearance. Straight styled pants and skirts are the best option.
Fitness: Cardio for weight and fat loss. Focus on midsection, a combination of resistance and body weight exercises for the entire body using varying reps and resistances.
*Always remember when it comes to exercise work the entire body no matter what your body type is so that your muscles will be balanced.
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